Cigarette AMG SLS The new model from Cigarette Racing, inspired from the new Mercedes SLS

8087096540783949958764394350375900433524327721051401834 974787295152907039904519018046524514010168375577932573861472997  brings to you exclusive video footage from the brand new CIGARETTE AMG.

Cigarette Racing Team is definitely the most legendary company within the field of the performance powerboats. Having won many titles in races, with vessels that have written their own history, and with many innovations and world records, the cigarettes are timeless creations with a collectible character. 
As the company seals 40 years of life, a collaboration with Mercedes Amg brings to the eyes of the public, a project deriving from the dreams of all the fans of speed, adrenaline and luxury. 
Although the specificity of each brand is as different as the asphalt from water, they share the same philosophy of performance and luxury. The birth of both brands emanated from their racing past and was transmitted to the general public, through their passion for performance. Since Mercedes Amg "hand makes" each and every engine, only 80 vessels Cigarette Racing are produced each year. 
The chairman and CEO of Cigarette, Skip Braver, is an avid customer of Mercedes Amg. Looking for inspiration for the new models of the company, he could not search elsewhere, but in the performance and style of Mercedes AMG. 
During the same time, the AMG was working on its new model that included design elements from the past, enhanced with the latest technologies and full commitment in order to reach the desired performance. 
The new SLS AMG was developed from scratch by AMG so as to create the absolute Super Sports Car. Cigarette shared information, expertise, including materials that could be used to upgrade its top model, 46’ Rider. The final result of this cooperation is a vessel with more than one hundred points of development concerning its design and production. It’s a very light boat for high speed and security, capable of withstanding very high stresses when travelling 130 miles to the open ocean. 
Let's take a closer look to some of the really fascinating features of the vessel. 
The first thing is its turbocharged engines. Two Mercury Racing of 1350 hp are considered to be the most high tech in our times in the shipping industry engines. 
One of the most obvious signs of influence from AMG is the painting of the boat. The combination of the Mystic White colour and the pattern in Alubeam Silver, and also the logo Amg in a dominant position, are an inspiration that has derived from the DNA of AMG. 
An inside look in the interior shows clearly the influences from SLS. The white and black colours prevail. The organs and the steering wheel remind us distinctively of a car. But also the number of seats for passengers is limited to 5. There has been extensive use of carbon and of leather alcantara. Everything is studied and materialized in a minimalist way, having as main purpose the speed. 
Many mechanical and electronic innovations have been added, such as the new "Zero Effort" control panels and also the new hatch with brand new design air intakes which are needed to achieve the total 2700 hp

Lenght: 45' 7''(13.7m)
Beam: 8' (2.4 m)
Heigh: 6' 6'' (1.8m)
Fuel Capacity: 304 gallons (1150lt)